Anti-bacterial cancer cover for Kiwi

Anti-hail, Anti-rain, Orchard
About This Project

Bacterial cancer is one of the most common problems in the cultivation of Actinidia. Bacterial cancer is caused by Pseudomonas syringae, was first detected in Japan in 1989, and spread to Italy later on in 1992 touching mostly Actinidia Chinensis.

The development of this bacteria is clearly influenced by the climatic and environmental conditions in the orchard. That is why it is very important to reduce water stagnation and excessive humidity; pruning the orchard is very important for ventilation. This installation has been developed according to the “tramp” elastic rope system, it is constitued of an anti-rain cloth which is anchored to ropes by means of elastics.

Thanks to the elastic ropes this system is extremely flexible against strong wind and allows the discharging of hail and snow. In this project ant-hail net has been installed as well, the net contributes in somehow breaking the wind and protecting the orchard.

Which is the suitable time for opening and closing? There are many different answers to this question. According to many the nets should be closed at the begininning of each year while this is not necessary in late spring and summer. Others agree in keeping the system closed through the whole year.

The microclimate inside the installation is perfect for kiwi, the temperature inside is a few degrees below the outside temperature.

The main problem for this kind of covering systems is related to their stability. The “sail” effect is considerable and strong anchors must be put in place in order to enhance resistance of the whole structure. Each intermediate post has its own anchor while lateral poles have strong and deep anchors.

The “Tramp” system can be adapted according to the soil and the area of installation. In areas with strong wind through the whole year this structure is not recommended, while tests have proved good resistance to the snow weight. Our client, Mr Bittante is happy with his installation: the plants are healthy, good air circulation, easy daily operations.