Which is the most cost-effective covering structure for you? 

Anti-hail Flat Net System

The anti-hail flat net system has a metal rope structure holding the net from upside. The perimetral anchors – lateral ones in particular – must be able to hold the weight of hail grains and gusts of wind. Also available with anti-uv nets for shading systems. View more covering structures.


Anti-hail Roof Style System

This is the usual covering system for orchards, widely used in Italy. The structure has a low cross-rope to which the truss wire holding the net is fixed. Also available with anti-uv nets installed. View more covering structures.

Tubi rotanti capannina

Complete cover integrated system

Innovative integrated system covering the entire orchard, including the headland service roads. The opening gate is operated by means of a pulley lifting the net in order to le the farming vehicles in. Lifting tools can also be installed on the corners for moving the net up and down. View more covering structures.


Anti-rain system (anticracking)

New integrated anticracking system for protecting cherry trees and soft peel fruits against rain. The covering system is “integrated” in the sense that the whole field is covered by water-repellent syntethic cloth. View more covering structures.


Anti-Rain/Insect Single Row Covering System

This covering system has been widely used in French plantations and now in the most part of European orchards. The single row net makes each row separated from the rest of the plantation and guarantees an excellent protection of all the trees. A recent innovation combines anti-rain and anti-insect features. It is used mostly in cherry plantations, berry fruit and kiwi plantations with the addition of cloth-supporting archs on the upper side. View more covering structures.


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