Anti-hail automatic system (Netherland)

Anti-hail, Orchard
About This Project

Hagelnet Montage designed and install this new anti-hail system that is completely remote controlled.

This project is at the forefront among all the covering structures for anti-hail. In this project 8×12 and 8,5×8,5 Spinazzè poles were used in 8×3 m rows. Each motor, powered by solar energy and a rechargeable battery pack, can open/close 5000 square meters of orchard in about 8 minutes. The system can be fully operated in remote by SMS. This means that you can manage your covering system even from far away, just using your mobile phone. The exposition to air and light is very good and the micro-climate inside the orchard can be easily modified by partially opening/closing the system. The system is completely independent and can be installed in areas where there is no electrical connection. Considering the fact that this kind of systems require a lot of manpower for opening/closing operations, this new anti-hail remote controlled system is a great leap forward the fruit growers all around the world.